Terms & Conditions

Returns – Usually, we take utmost care that the products are packed and sealed in a proper eco-friendly condition; however if at all a customer gets a Damaged Product we hold ourselves liable to cover the total purchase price being agreed upon by both parties at the said time including shipping price as well. Further, we offer a 14-day return policy wherein if a customer returns the unopened product in the given time frame we refund the full amount of purchase price less shipping cost. Finally, there won’t be any refund/exchange for products that are damaged or mishandled by the customers.

Replacement / Exchange – In case of exchange or replacement of the product, again we offer a 14-day exchange policy wherein you return the unopened product for which you will be credited the purchase price less shipping price. Please mail us the details well in advance before you dispatch the parcel with what you want to exchange with which product and the existing price of the new product will be adjusted to the exchanged one. Please note that there will be an additional shipping charge to send the exchanged product to you.

Damage / Loss – In case of any such situation, please contact us on the said numbers and email urgently. We will try to arrange to settle the claims within 7-10 days for damage and 12-15 days for lost packages. Further, it can be negotiated either on a replacement or a refund status.

Pricing – Once you send us the final Purchase Order, the same day pricing will be applied for the said products. It will be as agreed upon between us at the said time and date. There will be an additional shipping cost depending upon the country from which the product has been enquired/requested to order. On special orders/bulk orders, you can get good discounts and will be eligible for our SPECIAL CUSTOMER SCHEME. For more details please read our T & C alongside as below.

Order Modification – Kindly note that any modifications won’t be entertained or fulfilled once the order is packaged and processed; however, you may check-in case the order is still at the supplier premises and possible to add-up any modifications as requested by the buyer/customer.

Tampered Parcel / Package – If at all you find the package is tampered with or missing products, kindly contact our office at the given numbers and email id.

MOQ – Kindly note that the Minimum Ordered Quantity for any products other than that of pebbles is 10 – can be similar or mixed items. However, we advise our dear customers that you may avail better delivery rates for big quantities and also might be eligible for SCS as below.

SPECIAL CUSTOMER SCHEME (SCS) – Please ensure that if you come under our SCS, you are eligible to receive special discounts on the products availed. Alternately, you can also get free gifts with the ordered product – you can choose it from our list (kindly make sure you do take a note of it once you order and discuss it with the concerned person).